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Why Choose Metaversetrading Bot Pro ?

Leave market swings to our integrated auto-trading bots, which help you buy low sell high automatically 24/7 while you spend time doing the things you love with the people you love.

Fully Secured

For years now, Metaversetrading Bot Pro has securely stored a fortune at our two escrow vaults.


Decentralized Exchange

Metaversetrading Bot Pro is currently one of the biggest decentralised exchange, with a market share of 41%


Advanced Reporting

Recieve live statistics and information about trading returns on our sleek user interface.

What is Metaversetrading Bot Pro

At Metaversetrading Bot Pro, we approach investment differently than many firms or even banks. We serve our client as a fiduciary - putting their interests first - with transparency and an investment approach based upon a well-rooted, long term philosophy, which is not influenced by market fads or media hype.

Our data-driven Intelligent Bot powered is by Artificial intelligence, monitored by our world class expert traders to withstand any market change.

Secured Payment

One-click Withdraw

Real-time Update

Internal Integration

External Integration

Active Support

Value for Traders

We put the interests of our traders first, making their goals our goals. This is our ethical and professional obligation

Great return rates

Our rate of investment and returns are simply the best amongst other crypto trading plaform.

Ease of control

Our web app and website features are easy to manage and have a pleasurable experience when navigating through.

Trusted Worldwide

It's part of our mission to protect nature with new technologies and have gotten great recognition.

Coins / tokens available with only 0.01% trading fees

Trade Statistics & Use of Fund

Trade Statistics

  • 100 million+ Daily Trades
  • 1210 Days of Offered Services
  • $5B+ Monthly Trading Volume
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 96% Bot Efficiency

Uses of Fund

  • 35% For Bot Maintenance
  • 18.5% Accession and Partnerships
  • 8.5% Legal and Financial
  • Bounty Program

Metaversetrading Bot Pro Roadmap

July. 2016

Raised $35 million seed funding.

March 2019

First 1 million users.

April 2020

Rated best crypto trading bot platform.

Dec. 2021

Acquired Trident API company

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is basically a virtual exchange medium that uses a cryptography in order to secure its transactions and control the creation of the system units. Meaning, cryptocurrency simply represents money in the digital marketplace nothing else. It is based on an open-source software, cryptography and networking. It lets people or users avoid fees or the lowest fees as compared to what your banks are charging. The system takes part in the non-cash transactions that is anonymous while guaranteeing a secure transactions.

Basically, cryptocurrencies are known for its extreme security and anonymity to the highest level. Transactions made by this system cannot be reversed nor faked and compared to what your local bank are doing in its client charging high transaction fees. In cryptocurrency the fees are to the lowest level, making it reliable than the conventional currency in the marketplace. Its decentralized nature means they can be available to everyone, in which banks can only be available to those they permitted to open accounts.

2. What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

This is all about storing a cryptocurrency, wallet concept can be daunting a bit for the uninitiated. Basically, there are wallet software (this can be desktop, online or mobile), hardware based wallets, and of course the paper wallets. Talking about the “best” wallet in the ecosystem will be different for each one of us, it depends on a particular needs.

Wallets don’t just store cryptocurrency directly. It is accurate to think wallet as storing private keys. The Public key cryptography allows cryptocurrency to function, and uses a specific algorithms in order to generate pairs of keys. Public key is the address to which anyone can send its cryptocurrency balance. The private key allows owners spend funds from the specified address. Without the private key, public address becomes bottomless pit that you can only see; money still be sent there, but lost without a private key.

The type of wallets simply represents various ways a certain can secure their secret private key. There are two main types of cryptocurrency wallet, the hot and cold, these refers to the level or internet connectivity of the wallet. Paper wallet and hardware wallets are not actively connected to internet and considered as cold storage. Hot wallet is internet connected wallet, easy to spend, but vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A cold storage protects you from cyber-crime, but still it will be the owner’s responsibility to secure their property.

3. What is cryptocurrency exchange and market?

A cryptocurrency market and exchange are both service in web, allowing cryptoccurrency token holder to trade to other currency or conventional monetary to their system. According to record, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrency exchangers in the ecosystem, among the largest are Bitstamp, Cryptsy, and Coinbase.

4. How is the cryptocurrency value determined?

The value of cryptocurrencies are ranked in a value or unit times and the cost of exchange to buy equals the capitalization in the market. For instance 1 Steem coin is worth $1.50 on Poloniex this rate was in the previous month. But the price can move at any moment, the market capitalization is only an estimate of the overall value of the digital currency.

Our Partners

Partner with some of the biggest names in the crypto space.

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